I’ve been feeling like I am trapped lately. It hasn’t been as bad as the Winter of 2014, but I’ve been feeling low for a while. It’s funny that what I want to do I don’t get to do, because I am too occupied trying to do everything else.

Sometimes I feel my mind has some bad weather conditions. Some bad weather conditions and no place to take shelter.

I feel like all days are the same. Day after day. I can’t sleep well again. So I wake up very early, and go to bed very late, and have strange dreams. Sometimes I don’t know if it’s the same day. But still, it isn’t as bad. It’s OK.

It’s only days. I think it’s been ages, when it’s only been a couple of days. They drag along, with slow feet. Sometimes I am so late to bed I just skip that night, because that way days get foggier and less heavy. Then I can sleep nicely, until it all gets screwed up again.

I feel like I am walking in the fog. I see cars and trees but only what’s near me. Everything else is smoke. I walk almost every day, and usually there’s no sidewalks. I find it’s better that way. Days are getting warmer and I will miss the fresh. I’ll miss the chilly mornings in Spring. I’ll miss the overcast lighting, and walking on dew. I wonder if I’ll miss these days. They are only days.

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