Talking to The Rocks. 

Today I remembered I have a blog. I had to check twice to make sure I didn’t have some pot plant dying somewhere, or had run out of meat for the vultures. I took my camera, and rations for three days, then I went outside to find some rocks to talk to. I like rocks for they stay still, and listen. I had some trouble today, as they were discussing boisterously. Threw one opinionated one to the river, and made silence. In short, I was advised to go on.

I like James Gurney’s blog pretty much. It’s a good, wholesome ration of a well munched bite of information. But he does post every day. I wondered if I could have been biting more than I can chew, but I rarely chew, I wolf down the victuals.

I have a cute little book of quotes, and there is Ovid:

‘Either don’t attempt it, or carry it through to the end.’

The monster above is a doodle in my bujo. I started one two months ago! Wow.





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