Where else would a Gingerbread Man live but here?

Sentient things and edible buildings? Now, that’s what I’m talking about. Whole Cake Island, wow.

I have the secret whim of visiting Japan alone, in the future. I have many friendships that moved there. If I know Japanese I may be able to roam about aimless and eat sweets. Maybe share a bench with an apparition, or a sandwich, who knows? But if I am to be introduced to the language I want it to be via my favorite of their sagas, One Piece.

Look at this cover! This volume ends exactly where the anime is now. I like Big Mom, what a character! A ruthless, voracious, scary, spirited woman? Oh, have too many in my family.

I have translated two pages so far, despacito. I am excited. It is tedious and onerous as I use two dictionaries and a web translator, but, it is like the good all times, learning a language. What’s more, it is another thing to fit in my weeks.

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