A Toad in a Hole.

See, this gentleman here was found in a hole. He managed to dodge a shovel digging in a small garden, because the whole thing is to be removed and paved with stones. I captured it, and asked for ransom. I wanted his toadstone, but it was a family heirloom. I gave him a plastic half coconut that no other amphibian but him had used properly.

Speaking more seriously, I really would like to keep it. But I won’t. I know it’s the cutest thing but he must be rehoused in the back where it may lose himself forever and be eaten by raccoons. Also, it’s well armed, an acrobat and possibly trained in some obscure martial art, because it was very hard to catch. No wonder he refused the food. He was keeping himself light so he could scape.

I won’t give him a name; he won’t tell me his alias.

I am going to make a toad house in his honor so some other traveler will find good accommodations. After all, it was his house that we demolish.

He reminds me of this doodle.

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