In July I traveled out of the country and had a couple of wacky adventures. In August I inexplicably couldn’t sleep, I had so much time I did nothing. September was good. I’ve planned some things for mid-November, but in the meantime I have October completely for myself. Let’s see. I don’t know why I post that here. I think is to try to motivate myself, kind of being pressured, but I don’t know. I forgot about the blog for a year. Completely forgot. That’s why I can’t have plants, at least dogs tell you to feed them.

‘Excuse me, kind sir, you seem to have forgotten, and I do rely on you for subsistence. I don’t mean any trouble, but I am hungry and here’s the bowl.’

I’m going for a walk.

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  1. ElMarkesDeSade says:

    Continue posting dude, what I’m subscribed for?


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