I think I may be very ecological because this year I am recycling last year resolutions. I was doing some cleaning here, and at home, when I tried to think of how many years is been that I said: I want to be more conscientious. I want to be less worried. I want to read more, or give myself time for some of my projects. I make the same resolutions every year.

I want to learn to bake proper cakes, after watching 3 seasons of the British Bake Off. I want to bake a pie and ask someone, ‘does it have a soggy bottom?,’ in a British accent. I tried to execute my Uncle’s Carrot Cake recipe, but the raisins all fell to the bottom. My oven is always 30 degrees wrong, so I can’t get very scientific with the temperatures. It’s time we got a functional one, so I can finally try that Dutch cacao. And some of that American fancy chocolate to go local.

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