The Comeback.

This year I am set on finishing some of my projects, but I want also to start to build an audience here. You are in for a treat. There are two stories I have been scribbling about in my notes, and I realized they can be serialized here. I will try to add a chapter every week, which will be a necessary fit if I want to get into shape again.

‘The Wolf in The Mist,’ is a tale of darkness and adventure. The known world is just an inexorable forest, and our hero belongs to a settlement that no creature or tree steps into, as if it were sheltered from the Timbertan by the woods own consideration. That relative peace and isolation is broken when a Lobo-te, an overgrown wolf, breaks in. The hero kills the wolf, but that seals his fate. He has to enter the forest alone, instead of waiting for the exploratory throngs, because after generations of stability, Herida may not be safe anymore.

’21 in The Twenty-First Century,’ is our other weekly publication. It is a satire of the world, life and the narrator. It’s basically a big, humorous sketch with a traveler that many historians in the future would have to correct so that an innocent reader would not be lead to believe that there was a wall in the border ‘so tall, looking for the top you could brake your neck,’ or that the original manuscript survived ‘after presumably being soaked, folded, creased, crisped, lit, sprinkled, and possibly digested,’ and that in the end it didn’t. It is basically travel writing, where some of the descriptions and people and places are made up.

I hope you like them. Wait for our next installment.

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